Overnight Open Thread

479Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))
6/08/11 10:31:41 am
re: #458 Cannadian Club Akbar shoulda gone for the twinkie defense...

I’m an American, and always will be. I happen to love that big, awkward, sprawling country very much — and its big, awkward, sprawling people. Anyway, I don’t like politics; and I don’t make “political gestures,” as you call it. I don’t even believe in politics. To me, politics is …

New Battery Design Could Be Breakthrough for Electric Cars

A ‘significant advance’ in battery architecture
6/08/11 5:20:31 am
This is the sort of thing that is going to change our whole economic and environmental equation. It will be technological advances of this type which eventually lead to a technological revolution and it will change our overall economic conditions ...

Ezra Klein: The Truth About Single-Payer Health Care

The only approach that has ever worked to reduce health care costs
6/07/11 11:13:39 pm
I'd definitely support a compassionate change in healthcare, but apologies for sounding like a TPer if I could at least get these questions off my chest. 1. Who will determine what will be "covered?" 2. Will private hospitals be allowed ...

Eric Cantor Calls on Weiner to Resign, But Gave Sanford and Ensign a Pass

Just some more GOP hypocrisy
6/07/11 1:54:48 pm
What an idiot. So South Carolina and Nevada should decide if Sanford or Ensign should resign but Eric Cantor gets to decide if Anthony Weiner should resign? Self-righteous hypocrite. How does this guy put on clothes everyday with the knots ...

Margaret Thatcher Won’t Be Meeting Sarah Palin

Thatcher ally: ‘Sarah Palin is nuts’
6/07/11 1:12:03 pm
Poor Sarah. Thwarted at her attempt to rub elbows with a friend of Ronald Reagan. Thatcher may be old and sick, but you can bet she and her handlers know better than bestow any possible air of legitimacy on that ...