Video: The Uglification Illusion

What’s the ugliest part of your body?
7/16/11 11:27:27 am
re: #530 Renaissance_Man Yes, I understand the nature of the business. However it is somewhat disconcerting to know that a security company that is seemingly an American company, really is not. All these Multinational companies have no allegiance except for ...

Here’s your strange, creepy optical illusion of the evening: the “Flashed Face Distortion Effect.” More info on this disturbing effect:

Marcus Bachmann Denies Calling Gays ‘Barbarians’

They’re not ‘anti-gay’ - they’re pro-not being gay
7/15/11 11:04:21 pm
re: #92 Jaerik That's fascinating. Personally, I view the anti-gay stuff as more 'civil rights' than 'existential', but I get your point. Still, things like Bob Dole accepting than rejecting Log Cabin donations don't quite send a "We're all on ...