Michele Bachmann (R-Mars): Glazed

‘Are you hypnotized?’
8/09/11 12:23:57 pm
re: #926 Atlas Fails You likely have this exactly right. Politico has shown zero compunction about attributing fake Fox democrats as "Senior Democratic Strategists" or something similar. I'll just cut & paste from the comment I wrote for the Page ...

Again the right wing blogs are

Pamela Geller’s New Book’s Top 10 Tags

Advance reviews are harsh
8/09/11 4:02:09 pm
I watched the NBC nightly news, a "youth" threw a rock at the police and when reproached by an elderly gentleman the yob slapped him. It actually made me mad. And it looks like whole block are burning.

Stocks Plunge Again As Tea Goes Bitter

The only solution: more tea
181Robert O.
8/08/11 6:53:54 pm
Remember that Republicans cheered when the US failed to win the bid for the Olympics and the Soccer World Cup, because in their seriously twisted little brains, they support whatever makes Obama looks bad, even if the result is bad ...