Pat Metheny: That’s the Way I Always Heard It Should Be

Metheny re-imagines another classic pop song
8/18/11 11:07:19 pm
Beautiful Music! Truth be told, I've never heard the Carly Simon version of this song (I'm young, not yet 30 but very close). I'll youtube it tomorrow I s'pose, to get some context. I have only one Pat Metheny album, ...

Note to Rick Perry: Teaching Creationism in Public Schools is Illegal

Just a small technicality
8/18/11 7:15:39 pm
re: #262 Gus 802 Many developing countries are leapfrogging old tech. Why install a phone system with land lines? Put up cell towers. Why build huge electric generation plants and the infrastructure to distribute it? Use smaller, point-sourced plants to ...

Rick Perry: ‘In Texas We Teach Both Creationism and Evolution’

Anti-science hick tells kid evolution is ‘just a theory’
8/18/11 10:25:11 pm
I thought these tea-sackers were all about adhering to the text of the Constitution. So is it Perry's stance that he supports the 1st Amendment's separation of church and state until it becomes inconvenient to his party's dogma? Good god, ...

The Republican Party’s War Against the Environment

Next in the target sights: the EPA
49Achilles Tang
8/18/11 12:34:06 pm
re: #8 Shiplord Kirel I can remember the 50's too, and for me it was like your TB was reminiscing, however I was not in a large city or urban area and the big difference then was that there were ...