The Tom Tancredo-Robert Spencer-Pamela Geller Convergence

Daily Caller endorses the Bigot Brigade
450The Ghost of a Flea
9/29/11 4:39:36 pm
re: #430 OhCrapIHaveACrushOnSarahPalin Late to the discussion I know, but: TPs, assorted moonbats, and young angry lefties share a sense that they're entitled to their anger, and that part of that entitlement is the target of their anger has to ...

Sometimes there’s nothing you can say but, “Wow.” Here’s Tom Tancredo with an incredibly over-the-top anti-Muslim fear-mongering piece, attacking Rick Perry in Tucker Carlson’s The Daily Caller:

Wingnut Outrage of the Week: The EPA’s “$21B Expansion”

Daily Caller gets it wrong, claims to get it right
9/29/11 12:26:32 pm
re: #153 Naso Tang Let's take those one at a time: If asking you to back up your claims because I have no evidence myself that you are correct is what you call "ignorance", than I am proudly "ignorant". I ...