GOP Debates Will Continue Until Morale Improves

But without Herman, and that means I am sad
12/10/11 8:10:30 pm
re: #551 marjoriemoon They're wasting their time trying to court the Jewish vote. Every time one of them talks about putting Christian values into law, our grandparents have flashbacks and run as fast as they can in the opposite direction. ...

American Thinker Sounds the Alarm (Again) on Stealth Creeping Jihad Halal Turkeys

Terror turkeys hate our freedom, plot to destroy democracy
12/10/11 4:05:02 pm
re: #73 MikeySDCA That didn't work in Chicago back in '79, though. When Mayor Michael Bilandic failed to clear the streets after a sudden February snowstorm, voter anger overcame even the Chicago Machine and handed Jane Byrne the Democratic Nomination ...

Wingnut Blogs Whine Hilariously About Romney Conference Call

Somebody call a waaahmbulance
12/10/11 2:43:35 pm
re: #70 funky chicken um... when the "American" people came into being, it required 1) a great deal of bloodshed to wrest territorial control from who had it before; 2) massive economic assistance from foreign nations (in the form of ...