Great White Shark Caught On Tape by Two Hilarious Pidgin Fishermen

“Ho, talk about Jaws for real”
302Charles Johnson
1/16/12 2:03:38 pm
re: #301 Hawaii69 I thought it looked more like a Mako shark too. The great white has a different head shape. Da bugga is really beeg, though.

As someone who grew up in Hawaii, I find this video funnier den almos’ anyteeng, brah. Featuring hilarious pidgin commentary from Captain Dominick Gaballo and sidekick/fisherman Addison Toki. (h/t: BigPapa.)

Navy Veteran’s Widow Shocked That Her Husband’s Name Was Used by James O’Keefe to Commit Fraud

Collateral damage in James O’Keefe’s right wing crusade
136Romantic Heretic
1/14/12 7:17:41 pm
Like that good conservative Joseph Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili said, "You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs." / Nice to know that O'Keefe, Breitbart at al. share such a fine philosophy with that great statesman.

Right Wingers Deluge MIT Climate Scientist with Hate Mail, Threats

Maybe they can threaten glaciers out of melting
58Romantic Heretic
1/14/12 2:47:59 pm
re: #39 Obdicut I regard that as technology rather than science, and so do these people. It's part of our lives and not a threat. Technology isn't regarded as a form of change, or a threat, to most people. In ...