Grammy Awards Open Thread

2/13/12 9:55:54 am
re: #730 jaunte I saw this story in 4 different places yesterday and someone in one of the threads posted this story: It's about 10 minutes long but it's a really interesting story from Richard Price who happened to be ...

Here’s an open thread to hang out and watch the Grammy Awards. There’s a live video feed here:

Fox News Commenters Respond to Whitney Houston’s Death With Deluge of Hatred and Racism

What right wing racism?
458Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))
2/14/12 11:57:26 am
re: #453 Floral Giraffe I was not sad to hear about the demise of Bin laden or Qaddafi, but I have never really delighted in anyone's death. And if I did, I would not brag about it, even annonymously...