Arpaio: I Briefed Santorum on My Birther Conspiracy Investigation

How much crazier can this presidential election get?
683Decatur Deb
2/22/12 11:16:18 am
re: #682 Red Sea Desjardini Tang I can't think of a significant Catholic school that would teach YEC, even in the 1950's. Santorum, like O'Donnell and Jindal, is getting his Catholicism from very fringey sources. (Yes, there is a lot ...

Today in Phoenix, Arizona, far right anti-immigrant icon Sheriff Joe Arpaio was thoughtful enough to brief Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum on the status of his investigation into whether Barack Hussein Obama is a sekrit Moslem socialist Manchurian candidate:

Virginia House Delays Vote on GOP Uterus Inspection Bill (Again)

The public outcry is having an effect
176Egregious Philbin
2/21/12 8:20:20 pm
As a native Arizonan, I just gotta say sorry. Sheriff Joke is a disgrace to mankind. At least he is really old and according to the actuarial tables, he won't live much longer

Idaho Republicans Trying to Pass Bill to Allow Employers to Deny Contraception Coverage

The Republican Party’s war on the 21st Century
134Bubblehead II
2/21/12 4:40:24 pm
Evening Lizards. Should have paged this when it first came up. But just couldn't believe it would have any legs. Please feel free to contact these people and let them know just how the real World out side of Idaho ...