Mitt Romney Supports the GOP’s War on Women

Romney shows who’s boss
491Eventual Carrion
3/01/12 10:41:59 am
re: #238 Ministry of Fairness and Balance Maybe he can wave his magic wand that GWB said he himself didn't have to lower the price of gas. If GWB couldn't do it even though he was on full mouth kissing, ...

In case you had any remaining doubt about how much Mitt Romney will pander to the social conservative right wing in order to get the Republican nomination, tonight he’s

N. Korea Agrees to Suspend Nuclear Activities for US Food Aid

Major breakthrough
2/29/12 8:42:36 pm
re: #174 windupbird is in the gravity well Even amongst the Northwest, Portland stands out. I lived near the Canadian border and when the fuel pump went out on my 15-year-old Volvo, I had to go all the way to ...

Rush Limbaugh Calls Georgetown Law Student a ‘Slut’ and ‘Prostitute’

What right wing misogyny?
2/29/12 10:00:58 pm
In the 90s I believe I remember Rush discussing his desire to develop the ability to make women climax simply by staring at them. I suppose this makes him a man-whore? A slut? Round-heeled? At the very least, a hypocrite. ...

Bloodthirsty ‘Anti-Jihad’ Bloggers Rant Crazily About Apologies for Koran-Burning

The Bigot Brigade calls for wholesale slaughter, not apologies
3/01/12 2:33:59 pm
Charles Johnson, I saw this story Mirrored over at Loon Watch. I made a suggestion to them that maybe one of these days they should interview you. Would like that?