Bob Schneider: Chinatown

Think you got the answers but you got it all wrong
3/10/12 2:17:14 pm
re: #364 Dark_Falcon Actually, he may have been. I think there are, in fact, laws to prevent you from getting on the mic and naming names as you declare that someone is having sex dozens of times and day and ...

YouTube Video Bob Schneider’s “Chinatown” is a creepy atmospheric slice of noir pop, and this might be my favorite version, performed live in a room somewhere. From the album,

No, Prof. Derrick Bell Did Not Visit the White House in 2010

3/09/12 3:24:35 pm
re: #104 lawhawk LEDs don't produce the "desired" 3200K color temperature very well, thus not all the reluctance to using LEDs is due to politics. Dimmers for LED exist, but I suspect the method used for dimming may shorten life ...