War on Women: AZ Gov. Brewer Signs Radical Anti-Abortion Bill

Another step backward for women’s rights in Arizona
4/13/12 7:21:36 pm
re: #16 funky chicken gender traitors are a kick, aren't they? don't worry ladies! The nice republicans will make sure all your decisions are made for you!

Tonight, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has signed into law one of the nation’s most radical right wing anti-choice bills:

Onion: Romney Tries New Strategy to Impress Voters

The Onion’s crack news team summarizes recent events in politics
4/12/12 6:59:36 pm
re: #151 Killgore Trout LOL, did you actually type that with a straight face? Hmm...Let's see, there's Bryan Fischer, Pamela Geller, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and all the other nasty fundies, wingnut bloggers, and haters who constantly spew the vilest ...

Fake Outrage of the Day: Hilary Rosen Criticizes Ann Romney, Right Wing Goes Nuts

The right is intellectually bankrupt, and desperate to conceal it
4/13/12 3:05:03 am
re: #544 The Mongoose Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! I do not want to take away from the support that Mr. Romney has given towards MS issues. I think anything that adds awareness and research is a good ...