How Dana and Chris Loesch Exploited the Conservative Movement … Again

The Loeschs have a long history of profiting on the backs of the true believers
217(I Stand By What I Said Whatever It Was)
5/03/12 9:48:44 am
re: #42 CowboyLogic Hardly. Dana Loesch is a career opportunist. Charles learned and changed his view accordingly (and he didn't exactly gain any popularity through that). One is not like the other.

Was Richard M. Nixon a Closet Marxist: Forward Together

46th Inaugural Theme, ‘Forward Together’ and its Marxist-Socialist-Communist origins reveal
5/04/12 2:21:19 am
re: #301 Unlike Some People Oh spare me. I don't care for your excuses for "You are being very intellectual dishonest if", "you are being disingenious" not being name-calling, which it is in my book, since it needlessly impugns my ...