Outrage Fail: ‘Vulgar Comments From The Left’ Not Actually From The Left

The name ‘ACORNSUCKS’ apparently wasn’t obvious enough for Fox and Friends to notice
5/22/12 7:18:38 am
re: #31 Patricia Kayden You must be new to the internet. ;-) Kidding - I'd be shocked, too, if I wasn't so numbed to it all. So goes the nature of anonymous posting on the internet. I think most people ...

Former Bain Executive Said Romney Was Directly Responsible for Ampad Layoffs

“You can’t be CEO of Bain Capital and say, ‘I really don’t know’”
5/25/12 1:50:29 pm
re: #196 MPH Actually that's 72 percent of $756,328 for Dems. That leaves a balance of $2,000,000 for "spending groups" and if you toggle "liberal/conservative" it indicates that the 2 million went to conservative groups.