WND: America’s Marxist Picnic

Fear the picnic of communism, please? And then, give us your money
6/18/12 11:37:55 am
re: #293 ggt I mentioned this to a born again Xian I sometimes work with, who's kid was heavily involved in Boy Scouts. The exact phrase I used was "I thought the Girls Scouts didn't have a stick up their ...

Oh sure, you may be jaded and tired of hearing about the Communist plot to pollute our precious bodily fluids, but are you ready for the MIND-BENDING HORROR of

Romney: Being Vague About My Plans Helps Me Get Elected

Wouldn’t want the voters to have too much information, would we?
91Patricia Kayden
6/17/12 3:28:16 pm
Of course Romney dodged the question about President Obama's immigration announcement on Friday. How is he going to answer without either angering his rabid xenophobic supporters or angering his potential Latino supporters? Etch-a-Sketch needs more time to figure out the ...