Video: Rachel Maddow Deconstructs the ‘Fast and Furious’ Fake Outrage

Crazies pushing an extreme right narrative
6/21/12 1:27:22 pm
re: #211 sattv4u2 I used to have a sweet mini daschund who was 10 pounds (half of that in eyes alone) who turned into the Tasmanian devil when she felt threatened by one of the big dogs. One time was ...


Interview With a Climate Change Denier

6/22/12 5:40:42 am
I had never been to Peter Sinclair's website, but a quick Google search plus mousing over his "Contact me" link on the right column netted me his e-mail address with about 10 seconds of effort. Minor point, but it does ...

Former GOP Presidential Candidate Tom Tancredo to Address White Supremacists

What right wing racism?
42Patricia Kayden
6/20/12 1:40:50 pm
Again, Republicans prove that they are completely comfortable with racists. It may even be a plus for them to hang out with open racists. Reporters need to start asking Romney about his fellow GOPers. If Dems were openly racist, President ...

President Obama Invokes Executive Privilege in ‘Fast and Furious’ Fake Outrage

Checkmating Darrell’s partisan witch hunt
61Patricia Kayden
6/20/12 1:47:23 pm
re: #15 dragonfire1981 Why are Scott's poll numbers so poor then? I thought it was because of the purging nonsense, but I guess I'm wrong.