Craziest Wingnut Rant of the Day: Jerome Corsi: ‘Was Obama Married Before He Was Married?’

Hallucinatory homophobia
737A Mom Anon
8/10/12 12:22:18 pm
re: #691 What Would Spalding Gray Do? The husband and the son went to see them when they were in Atlanta, my son was so stoked for days before and after. Husband said the crowd was about half and half ...

Of course. It just … makes so much … sense. YouTube Video (h/t: thedopefishlives.)

Video: Inside the Disastrous Louisiana Science Education Act

Creationism is back, and spreading
8/10/12 6:33:48 pm
There will come a day -- probably sooner than later -- when Western civilization will look back and regard the Religious Right's opposition to "evolution by natural selection" as absurd as the Church's denial of the existence of atoms, or ...

Mitt Romney Panders to the Religious Right With Phony ‘War on Religion’ Ad

More lies from mendacious Mitt
8/10/12 6:34:59 pm
The degree of hyperbole in Mitt's speeches and ads is directly proportional to the degree of desperation felt among his campaign staff with respect to his prospects in the 2012 election.