David Brooks: Thurston Howell Romney

Red alert! Romney has lost Brooks!
9/18/12 10:57:16 am
re: #827 The Ghost of a Flea So nothing at all like today. /

Looks like New York Times conservative David Brooks is a mite put out by Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” comments; he’s actually breaking out the Gilligan’s Island references: Thurston Howell Romney.

Paul Ryan: We’re Not Telling You Any Details “Because We Want to Get It Done”

Concealing the truth is how they plan to get elected
32Patricia Kayden
9/17/12 5:40:54 pm
Romney and Ryan are almost acting as if they DON'T want to win. Very strange campaign. Why would they think people will vote for them without knowing what policies they'll implement if they're elected? Crazy.