Tech Note: The LGF Pages Reboot

404Stanley Sea
10/27/12 11:26:27 am
re: #403 Dark_Falcon ha, I typed it and realized I could have single handily started a horrible rumor.

The new LGF Pages re-design is now in launch mode, and the first thing you’ll notice is that it looks a lot like the rest of the site. And that’s a good thing. The old LGF Pages index had its own design, which actually started as a coding experiment way …

Onion: Romney’s Terrifying Google Search History Leaked

“Convincing them you can taste the food”
93Usually refered to as anyways
10/26/12 8:17:30 pm
re: #26 William Barnett-Lewis I like it, did a clean install of it, it behaves a lot like a tablet. My only complaint would be so far there is a lack of ability to customize the colour of the launch ...

Breitbrat Ben Shapiro Pens Nutty Rant Against Lena Dunham

Ben’s blue nose is way out of joint
260Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
10/26/12 9:14:03 pm
re: #256 Daniel Ballard They will eventually have nukes, if they want them. So will anyone. Technology marches on. We can't put the genie back in the bottle.

Avlon: The Obama Haters Book Club: The Canon Swells

Fear of a black President
63Romantic Heretic
10/26/12 2:02:24 pm
re: #18 nines09 They believe that they are good, and that those who believe differently are evil. They believe that they are in a war against evil, and that war is on a level with the war in Middle Earth. ...