Video: Romney Supporters Respond to Climate Change by Yelling “USA! USA! USA!”

The Republican Party’s war on science and reality
11/05/12 8:50:21 am
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A heckler at a Mitt Romney campaign event yelled the question, “What about climate? That’s what causes monster storms…” And the crowd responded by booing loudly, then breaking into a sustained chant of, “USA! USA! USA! USA!” Just the latest appalling example of why I ran away from the Republican …

Desperate Right Wing Partisan Resorts to Extortion

Nice little country you have here. Hate to see anything happen to it.
11/03/12 11:56:01 am
David Frum's "endorsement" of Romney is the very definition of "unenthusiastic". One quote, near the end of Frum's article: "Which is why, if I lived outside the District of Columbia, I'd split my ticket. I'd vote Romney for president, and ...