The Onion Reports: Mitt Romney Terrified What Will Happen if He Stops Running for President

Panicked late night phone calls
11/15/12 11:02:19 am
re: #553 dragonfire1981 Leviticus should not matter to a Christian because of the "New Covenant" that Jesus brought to us. Do we follow any of the other rules laid down there that pertained to bronze age tribal life? Things like ...

Video: Obama Defends UN Amb. Susan Rice Against Right Wing Craziness

Pushback against the right’s fake rage over Benghazi
11/14/12 7:12:23 pm
It's nice to see the Wingnuts move beyond their momentary depression over getting their collective asses kicked and decide that really, none of that happened, the world still agrees with them, and somehow, Obama is directly and personally responsible for ...