Israel Authorizes Call-Up of 75,000 Reservists for Possible Gaza Incursion

Ground war imminent
11/17/12 12:32:02 pm
re: #197 SanFranciscoZionist To be clear I stand for the rights of all citizens and working towards a resolution that recognizes borders and needs of both countries. I wish for as few deaths as possible on both sides. Just to ...

Video: Stephen Colbert Explains the Petraeus Scandal

A steamy episode of “General’s Hospital”
11/16/12 4:32:45 pm
re: #10 Killgore Trout I think it's more buried in the interface now. If you go to a story and you scroll all the way to the bottom, there should be something like: "See all 18,803 articles " Clicking that ...

Petraeus Testifies the CIA Approved Susan Rice’s Talking Points

Right wing still going nuts
11/17/12 10:03:39 am
re: #88 Obdicut It’s right in the box above: The CIA said Al Qaeda was part of the coordinated attack at the Benghazi Consulate (they immediately wanted to tell the truth). After it goes through the process (political pressure from ...