About That So-Called ‘Pallywood’ Video…

11/18/12 3:30:52 pm
re: #356 Kronocide Every overstatement will be leapt upon. The fable of the boy who cried wolf is apt. Scientists need to continue saying exactly what they know about the trend and about the dangers. No more, as well as ...

This is in response to a couple of other Pages posted regarding film footage of this week’s Israeli air strikes in Gaza, both of which questioned the authenticity of several BBC video clips that at least one Israeli blog & one far-right Israeli news outlet are presenting as “Pallywood” productions. …

The Ludicrous Right Wing ‘Benghazi-Gate’ Fake Scandal Gets Even More Ludicrous

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195Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
11/20/12 9:59:50 am
re: #192 AntonSirius You complain about me putting words in your mouth, and then you throw a 'purely' in there. I don't get it. I also still don't get what this barrier between action and reaction is.