Glenn Beck Decides: The Earth Is 7,000 Years Old

Wrestling with a controversial issue
238Achilles Tang
11/22/12 5:48:23 am
re: #237 Obdicut Listen to yourself, and a few others. I became annoyed at the rudeness, not to mention your four letter spews, because I dare challenge the usage of a word. This seems familiar for some reason. My understanding ...

‘Unskewed Polls’ Right Wing Kook Launches ‘’

Squeezing more cash out of gullible wingnuts
129Romantic Heretic
11/20/12 2:44:56 pm
re: #123 Eventual Carrion My wife saw that at a Denny's in Georgia. She was behind two black couples. They tried to seat her first. She told them "Not before you seat the people in front of me." The waitress ...