What About Some Liberal Cuts To Government Spending?

A few suggestions…
11/29/12 7:15:51 am
Raising the eligibility age for Medicare does zip to reduce costs - it just transfers them to private insurance, which means those rates go up and the economy suffers when employers hire less, which forces more people - usually the ...

As the “fiscal cliff” looms unthreateningly, media hype notwithstanding, I’ve been wondering if liberals like me have ever suggested broad government spending cuts. I’m sure they have, somewhere, but you rarely see any in the mainstream media doing so, and a quick google search shows only one prominent blog post …

Shock: Pat Robertson Is Not a Young Earth Creationist

You read that right
11/28/12 7:43:35 am
I think all that mary jane that Pat's been smoking is having the unintended effect of gasp! expanding his mind. How fun would that be to be doing bonghits with ol' Pat, I wonder what kind of munchies he's got ...

Radical Anti-Choice “Heartbeat” Bill Dropped by Ohio Republicans

A defeat for the religious right
25Eventual Carrion
11/27/12 3:11:28 pm
re: #24 The Questionable Timing of a Flea Maybe their problem is when she said we could "lose 49 countries in the world and it wouldn't make a bit of difference". You know, Like Bolt-on talking about the U.N..