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Romney’s bittersweet moment
12/01/12 2:25:21 pm
There were MANY comments I wished to answer, but this one seemed to me to be the best jumping-off place, as it seemed to me to be the most sweeping, rather than very specific. re: #26 Our Precious Bodily Fluids ...

From the White House photostream on Flickr, a picture of the heart of American democracy.

GOP Appoints Climate Change Denier to Chair House Science Committee (Again)

The Republican Party’s war on science continues
11/30/12 8:16:49 pm
re: #63 Kragar Rationalwiki classifies Walt Brown's hydroplate "theory" as being in the Not Even Wrong category. The idea that underground water cold spew fast enough (25,000 mph or 11 km/s) to escape earth's gravitational field and then travel hundreds ...