How Unhinged Rhetoric From GOP Senators Sank a Disabilities Rights Treaty

John Birch Society-style craziness is now right wing mainstream
405Birth Control Works
12/05/12 11:24:29 am

You may have heard that Senate Republicans voted today to defeat a United Nations treaty to protect the rights of disabled people, but you may not have realized how completely insane some of the Republican arguments against this treaty were: How Unhinged Rhetoric Sank a Disabilities Rights Treaty in the …

Video: Jon Stewart’s Epic Rant on “The War on Christmas”

In two parts
12/05/12 2:21:55 am
So he's not going to mention the fact that the displays were banned from public land because the atheists' displays kept on getting vandalized? Nope, Jon Stewart (as usual) takes the easy path and blames that favorite scapegoat, atheists who ...

Republican Lunatics Vote Against Rights of Disabled People

Heartless bastards do it again
12/04/12 11:52:55 pm
You know, I didn't always agree with Bob Dole's positions but he is a gosh dang war hero and has more honor and character in his pinkie finger than, well.....the current form of the GOP has none, zip, nadda. For ...