Breaking the Taboo - A Documentary On the Disastrous War On Drugs

The “War on Drugs” is a war on people
344William Lewis
12/10/12 1:40:25 pm
re: #337 Kragar My favorite cup of coffee was at about midnight in December 1984 halfway through swapping the engine on an M60A1 tank to have it ready for a FTX the next day.
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Now (as of Dec. 6th) available on Youtube in high definition, courtesy of the producers, the 2011 documentary that looks at the history and failure of the “War on Drugs”: Video If only our current administration would tackle this problem with enlightenment. Perhaps someday the US will have a political …

Marc Morano: Courting Mendacity

The false claim that human-generated CO2 is not enough to cause climate change
12/11/12 2:08:07 am
re: #62 Kronocide More like the gish tumble to me. Take multiple strands of arguments and spin... Link Shame on CNN for not containing the situation. It was a no win situation for Nye, which I assume was the intent, ...
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