PolitiFact Lie of the Year: Romney’s Ad on Jeeps Made in China

The fake outrage bubbled up from wingnut blogs and Drudge Report, all the way to the GOP’s presidential candidate
465The Vicious Babushka
12/13/12 10:37:37 am
re: #442 Obdicut It's just wrong to rape an animal before eating it.

Politifact’s Lie of the Year contest had a lot of contenders this year, and many of them were uttered by Mendacious Mitt Romney — including the winner: Lie of the Year: The Romney Campaign’s Ad on Jeeps Made in China. I would have chosen the Romney campaign’s lie about the …

In Which Steven Crowder Works Really Hard at Getting Punched in the Face

Breitbart clowns stage another wingnut stunt
12/12/12 3:00:45 pm
re: #92 lawhawk Over half of that of that $19.1 billion is a mfg sales tax exemption for raw materials - an exemption that is common in other states to avoid tax cascading. It amounts to $11.7 billion of the ...

Amazon Deal of the Day - 16MP Nikon Coolpix Camera - $60

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15Charles Johnson
12/12/12 11:41:26 am
re: #14 Dark_Falcon No, the latter statement simply cannot be read as anything other than a flat-out lie. They're both huge lies.