Power Line’s Hinderaker: Schools Should Be More Like Biker Bars

“No one tries to shoot up a biker bar”
12/16/12 11:55:26 am
re: #618 Sol Berdinowitz I've read that as well-additionally all those firearms factories needed to keep consumption up after the war and helped manufacture the myth of Colonial America and Guns.

Over at Power Line, John Hinderaker has posted his ideas for how America should best address the problems presented by horrific crimes like the Newtown school shootings: The Sandy Hook Murders: What to Do? | Power Line. Hinderaker’s keen legal mind zeroes in on a certain problematic Amendment to the …

Harvard School of Public Health: More Guns = More Homicide

An unsurprising correlation
12/16/12 9:23:27 am
re: #46 Targetpractice There is one way to deal with the argument that gun ownership is an inalienable right...amend the constitution. Gun ownership can be regulated. People who have demonstrated by their conduct that they are not fit to own ...