Overnight Video: President Obama’s Speech in Newtown

“We can’t tolerate this any more”
12/17/12 10:58:42 am
Hi Lizards! A little update.. This post is going to maybe upset some here. The Military Channel had a show on last night called the fight for Fallujuh. Jordan was there so I was looking to see him on TV. ...

Gunman’s Aunt: Nancy Lanza Talked About Survivalism

“Prepping” for the collapse of civilization
12/17/12 8:55:07 am
re: #54 dragonath That's why you get guns: To make sure the "illegals" continue to work after the monetary system collapses, and so "real 'Mericans" can keep eating. I work with too many RWNJs, I'm starting to be able to ...

Amazon Deal of the Day - Canon EOS T4i 18MP Camera w/Lens and Accessories - 40% Off!

Canon EOS Rebel T4i 18.0 MP CMOS Digital SLR With 18-55mm EF-S IS II Lens
12/16/12 5:09:10 pm
re: #230 Dark_Falcon Your odds of death or injury go up dramatically when you have a firearm or when there is one in the house. Those are the facts. For something to have a legitimate use in home safety, it ...

Gun Control: Don’t Fall for the ‘Mental Health’ Diversion

Mental illness is not a significant factor in gun crime
203Golden Age John
12/17/12 7:21:17 pm
Mentally ill people may commit a small proportion of gun crimes, per se, but they probably are responsible for the preponderance of mass killing gun crimes against innocents...children and adults.