Gun Control: A Misguided Focus on Mental Illness

Don’t fall for the diversion
574Amory Blaine
12/19/12 11:56:14 am
re: #518 Gus Looks like the makings of an A Capella group. Boys 2 Douchebags.

The big push to divert the discussion of guns and gun control into a discussion about mental illness is really beginning in earnest tonight. And unfortunately, many liberals arguing for gun control are falling for the diversion, because yes, mental health care is terrible in America and it does need …

Megan McArdle: We Should Train Children to ‘Gang Rush’ Shooters

12/18/12 10:48:26 pm
I'm in favor of repealing the Second Amendment. In 21st Century we have no need for Well Regulated Militias. In 21st Century America, I see no reason that the Federal, State and Local governments shouldn't regulate firearms as they see ...