The Only Article About Guns You Need to Read Today

“I didn’t fight then, but I will fight now”
12/21/12 4:20:48 am
re: #11 Romantic Heretic In Britain, we passed a law fairly recently to deal with that. People with a legitimate fear (witness protection, a restraining order, special forces, secret service, and anyone that convince the police that they need it) ...

At How a Gun-Loving West Texas Girl Learned to Fear Assault Weapons.

National Review Writer: Newtown Caused by Not Enough Manly Men

12/20/12 4:53:21 am
Why do you suppose a page on shame/guilt cultures would cite that paper- and others- if they did not support the idea? Oh yes- and where are those articles discrediting the shame/culture ideas- the ones you claim discredit the whole ...

Video: Obama’s Press Conference on Gun Violence

“This time the words need to lead to action”
274Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
12/19/12 8:07:44 pm
re: #272 Political Atheist I really don't think citing a CCW forum is appropriate, do you? Especially one that doesn't seem to be differentiating between legal carriers and illegal, in terms of who got scared off/shot at? I mean, I'm ...