Wingnut Fight! Dana Loesch Sues

How could a love so right go so wrong?
445Aye Pod
12/23/12 4:00:30 am
re: #428 suchislife I agree. I think a lot of people have that feeling at some point while they are growing up, it's the ones who aren't able to grow out of it that you have to watch.

Tonight we have word of big trouble on the far right, as the Breitbrats begin fighting in earnest over the empire that Breitbart built: Talk Radio Host Dana Loesch Files Suit in St. Louis Against I’ve been wondering why Loesch’s wingnut screeds haven’t been appearing there lately — now …

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12/21/12 12:49:53 pm
re: #3 Gus SATIRE!!! The wife of my "independent"* friend actually tried to use the "satire" meme as a justification for her husband listening to Rush Limbaugh for nearly 2 decades. Fortunately, I wasn't there at the time. It's amazing ...