Video: Richard Feynman - Ode to a Flower

The physicist and the flower
4017-y (Expectation of Great Things in Due Course)
12/25/12 4:54:04 am
re: #95 watching you tiny alien kittens are That's a typical cruise ship, the kind your neighbors may go on. Anything they can charge extra for that won't piss too many people off, they do. I went on a 3-day ...

Facepalm: The Wingnut Word-Counting Brigade Springs Into Action Again

Only commies use personal pronouns this much
46Sir John Barron
12/26/12 6:52:33 am
Really, Weekly Standard, really? Word counting the prez's speeches? You're supposed to be better than this. Your hackery is supposed to be about actual policy stuff.

NRA Head LaPierre on Meet the Press: “Call Me Crazy”

12/23/12 4:58:11 pm
And how does he suggest paying for armed guards in the schools? A government appropriation! I bet he normally would complain about another government appropriation! OK be conservative and let the NRA pay for the salary of the guards and ...

All We Want for Christmas Is…Guns

The sickest, saddest effect of the Newtown Massacre: a lot more Bushmasters are going to be sold
12Charles Johnson
12/23/12 10:53:26 am
re: #11 Randall Gross You bet - just let me know any time a promoted post needs something changed. One of these days I'll finish writing the code to allow authors to edit their posts after promotion.