Fantastic Four #45, December 1965: “Among Us Hide … the Inhumans!”

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the Silver Age
12/25/12 1:10:53 pm
My mom made prime rib from grass fed-beef last night. You may find it amazing that I never had that before, but I'm from the Bay Area where restaurants don't even serve steaks (too American for us commies, probably). It ...

It was December 1965 when I first got my hot little hands on this copy of Fantastic Four #45 — you can probably tell from the condition it’s in. With these stress marks and creases it’s not super valuable any more, but the colors are bright, the paper is white, …

Firefighters Gunned Down in Western New York

Days without gun violence: 0
208ReamWorks SKG
12/26/12 8:52:50 am
re: #205 SidewaysQuark and swimming pools! Florida has passed all sorts of reactionary (and expensive) "Megan's Law" and ankle-bracelet tracking laws for convicted sex offenders to combat the once-every-three-year abduction and murder (not that those aren't horrible.) Meanwhile, 100 kids ...