Keith Jarrett: The Kln Concert (Full Album)

Simply one of the greatest solo piano recordings in the history of music
12/29/12 11:58:49 am
re: #130 sattv4u2 I generally see Bond films on airplanes. Somehow I don't think I will be able to see Flight this way though!

I’ll never forget the first time I heard Keith Jarrett, in Japan. In 1973. In a tiny, smoky, crowded sushi bar/jazz club in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district, drinking hot sake, transported to a new understanding of music. The realization that a human being could improvise such transcendent music was a …

Gun-Crazed Wingnuts File New Petition: Prosecute Sen. Feinstein for “Treason to the Constitution”

Wingnuts invent new category of crime
12/31/12 9:47:28 am
"The Constitution was written to restrain the government" The framers met in 1787 because the Articles of Confederation had left the federal government too weak, not too strong.