Breaking: Hillary Clinton Hospitalized After Blood Clot Discovered

12/31/12 11:42:04 am
Meanwhile, the annual Gallup poll on this topic has named Barack Obama as The Most Admired Man of 2012, and Hillary Clinton as The Most Admired Woman of 2012. Obama was listed by 30% of those polled. Hillary Clinton was ...

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been hospitalized tonight after doctors discovered a blood clot in a follow-up exam after her concussion earlier this month. It’s not clear from early reports whether the blood clot is in her brain, but if so, that would be a very serious concern. UPDATE …

Video: President Obama on Meet the Press

“The pressure’s on Congress to produce”
12/30/12 7:04:49 pm
re: #25 dragonfire1981 1. They're not six years old; 2. We feed them too well already. If we did like the old British judges did 200 years ago, we'd lock them in a room without food until they came up ...