The Unceasing Apoplexy of Bryan Fischer: Fiscal Cliff Legislation Is ‘Vicious and Demonic’

Apoplexy, I say
1/03/13 9:06:56 pm
re: #289 Vicious Babushka We've been pampering their entitled asses for over ten years and they have not seemed to create many jobs.

American Family Association caveman Bryan Fischer is extremely upset today about the victory of Satan’s demonic ideology. In other words, the usual. Take it away, Bryan.

Here We Go Again: GOP Sen. Toomey Wants to Shut Down the Government Over Debt Ceiling

Hating the President more than they love the US
1/02/13 6:14:56 pm
Hmmm. Let's examine the fiscal conservatives' logic with respect to the debt ceiling: The main objective of the intransigent Republican members of Congress is -- allegedly -- to curb wasteful government spending. So to meet that objective, they are threatening ...