Thursday Night Thrash: Grinderman - No Pussy Blues (Live)

1/04/13 10:31:03 am
re: #441 A Man for all Seasons It's just typical hatespewing from Dorkus and Co. [waves to the Stalkers]

Just discovered this gem at YouTube: a ferocious live performance of “No Pussy Blues” by Nick Cave’s totally berserk tribal rock band Grinderman. They’re not like other bands.

Dumbest Man on Internet Has New Bombshell Scoop: New Year’s Eve Photo-Gate!

Jim Hoft continues his groundbreaking work
1/04/13 9:52:29 am
re: #13 HappyWarrior It is actually not about anything other than talking down a positive / good picture by Obama. This is done on purpose for 2 reasons, to keep the base from getting any positive feelings from such images ...