Breitbrat Ben Shapiro: The Left Won Because They’re Big Meanies

A vast army of Obama thugs is viciously bullying Ben Shapiro
1/09/13 11:15:13 am
This is what AS WELL as FRONTPAGE MAGAZINE is all about . Hacks like Shapiro , Vadum , Greenfield jump back and forth between these two blogs . Underlying 99 % of all materials , disguising as "journalism " ...

In the Wingnut Welfare department, is hyping a new book by young Ben Shapiro, who’s having another tantrum about the mean horrible liberals and their rotten awful bullying, a topic that never gets old at the house that Andrew built: MEET THE ‘BULLIES’: BREITBART EDITOR EXPOSES OBAMA’S ARMY OF …

And Now, a Giant Squid

First clip from Discovery Channel’s ‘Monster Squid: The Giant Is Real’
1/09/13 6:46:17 am
re: #53 Douchecanoe and Ryan Too (knock knock knock)... "Uhm, who is it?" "Pizza delivery." "I didn't order a pizza. sorry!" "Uhm.....giant squid!" "Oh great! Honey, the calimari has arrived! Just one....aaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!"

Gabrielle Giffords Launches Effort to Fight Gun Violence and the Pro-Gun Lobby

Confronting the powerful gun lobby
1/08/13 5:50:22 pm
re: #247 wrenchwench As for getting my own LGF page, I'm a fan of this site, a near-daily reader, all that. Thanks for the props, but I think I'm going to stay a Twitter guy for a good while, given ...