Religious Caveman Bryan Fischer Fantasizes About Spankings From God

Spanking, God, hurricanes, kids, religion, bears
497Achilles Tang
1/10/13 1:51:04 pm
re: #247 Gus Because I've flown in those a million times. Stupid of me.
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American Family Association caveman Bryan Fischer spends a lot of time thinking about important subjects like spanking. Spanking by God, not by Bryan, of course. He never spanks his kids, except when he does, because they deserved it. Spanking, God, kids, religion. A moist layer cake of Freudian dysfunction. …

Pamela Geller Defends British Fascist Imprisoned for Entering the US Illegally

Pleaded guilty to using someone else’s passport
1/09/13 9:22:17 pm
Proof positive that the "anti illegal immigrant" fury is more about racism than the law. Me, I don't like illegal immigration. Period. Which means that, me, I want this guy in jail (for the crimes he committed) & then deported, ...
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Amazon Deal of the Day - 89% Off on Women’s Swiss Legend Watches

Gold Box Deal of the Day: Swiss Legend Women’s Neptune Ceramic and Stainless Steel Mother-of-Pearl Watches for $99.99
56Birth Control Works
1/09/13 11:11:53 am
re: #53 sattv4u2 Ok, tell her to go away somewhere and leave a honey do list. Actually complete the honey do list while she is gone. Make sure the house is clean when she comes home --dishes and all.
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