Shock News: Lance Armstrong Cheated Throughout His Career

And by “shock,” we mean “not shocking at all”
1/18/13 10:38:41 pm
Lance Armstrong has questioned whether he deserves his "death penalty" punishment which means he is banned from all sports because of his use of performance-enhancing drugs. Do I win a prize? re: #257 Danack

The media are still pretending that the west coast is 3 hours behind the east coast. Shhh. We’re not supposed to know this yet… Also see: Live Updates on Armstrong’s Oprah Interview

Jon Stewart on the ATF/NRA Convergence

Couldn’t be worse if the NRA wrote the law themselves - which they did
1/17/13 6:00:56 pm
re: #78 celticdragon No, if the judge had sided with the Katonas their lawsuit would not have been dismissed. The only "siding" was that the forged documents could not be attributed to the Katonas. Only the guns not purchased on ...

Marco Rubio on Fox: Obama Not ‘Truly Committed’ to the 2nd Amendment

Pumping out bigoted insinuations to the Fox News mob
1/17/13 7:38:48 pm
re: #8 kirkspencer Simple. An assault rifle is a Mac Bolan rifle. Imagine you're Mac Bolan and you're going to kill every mafia boss, capo, and consigliere in a hotel. What do you come armed with? An AR-15 definitely comes ...

NRA Planning ‘The Fight of the Century’ Against Obama

Gun crazed wingnuts going ballistic
1/17/13 6:44:11 pm
re: #124 EPR-radar It's Dark's version of stomping his wittle feets at Daddy Charles for telling him stuff he doesn't want to hear. /what was that you were saying about people who post at the end of a dead(ish) thread, ...