New Mexico Teen Planned Family Shootings for at Least a Week

This terrible event would have been much worse if everything went according to his plan
1/24/13 11:22:38 am
re: #601 makeitstop My Chrysler doesn't talk to me. Should I be concerned?
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There’s some new information in this report. There are some excerpts below. The whole thing is here. OK, we shouldn’t use the shooter to “score political points.” Can we use the family’s practice of storing weapons in a bedroom closet to make a point about gun control? I don’t see …

Live Video: Hillary Clinton Testifies at House Hearing on Benghazi Fake Scandal

Dancing with the Republicans
1/23/13 4:41:12 pm
If attacks on U.S. Embassies are supposed to connote a “weakness” in the Commander in Chief, then GWBush comes out as the “weakest” of Presidents because there were 12 terror attacks on U.S. diplomatic facilities abroad during GWBush's administration, more ...
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