The NRA Publishes Its Enemies List

Part 1
481ReamWorks SKG
1/29/13 2:52:24 pm
re: #78 Ian G. I counted 9!

AARP AFL-CIO Ambulatory Pediatric Association American Academy of Pediatrics American Civil Liberties Union American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing American Medical Women’s Association American Medical Student Association American Medical Association American Association for the Surgery of Trauma American Trauma Society American Federation of Teachers American Association of School Administrators American …

Sarah Palin Made $15.85 Per Word at Fox News

You’d have to be a total geek to get into this…which is why I posted it.
1/28/13 5:45:29 pm
re: #186 Gus To some extent, yes. Perhaps the effective counter-campaign to the Amren meetings, which has closed down a lot of hotel venues for Amren, has caused they to rally the troops around Jared? And if you think VDARE ...

GOP Leaders Insist: Everything’s Fine, We Just Need to “Shine Our Shoes”

No problemo
1/29/13 7:43:42 pm
They’re all fucking tone deaf. It’s like the joke about the farmer bragging to his neighbor about how smart his new mule was. So the neighbor says, “show me what he can do.” To which the farmer nods, walks over ...