Overnight Video: Johann Johannsson - Here They Used to Build Ships

Copenhagen Dreams
2/07/13 9:12:19 pm
re: #561 Charles Johnson I apologize for my part in contributing to letting this drag on & on. I should know better by now than to engage certain people—I do know better, but there are some days when I go ...

Tomorrow we’ll dive back into the rapids and face the increasingly crazed wingnut masses once again, but tonight it’s time for something beautiful.

Texas Education Board Chair Wants Schools to Teach “Another Side” to Evolution

Republicans never stop trying to sneak creationism into schools via deception
2/08/13 7:34:22 am
re: #7 Kragar Hear!Hear! Kragar! I love being an Atheist!..I have a personal relationship with Factual Reality!. I have yet to this day ever lose a debate with creationists/young earthers and the people who think and defend the Flintstones being ...