Bryan Fischer: Beware the Full Moon, Satan’s Gonna Getcha

Just how crazy is this guy anyway?
2/09/13 9:05:29 pm
re: #516 Destro Your hatred of America is both tedious and pathetic. FOAD

American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer helpfully explains that Satan chooses to activate his influence over mankind when the moon is full. Snark fails me.

Michigan Republicans Introduce New Invasive Transvaginal Ultrasound Bill

Making abortion more costly and difficult to obtain by imposing unnecessary procedures
2/07/13 3:41:55 pm
I am late to this discussion, but I seemed to me from the start that NorthWhale was legitimate and not from the US. The English spelling for gynecologist is gynaecologist. Also, there is a different charge in the US for ...

California Police Look for Rogue Ex-Cop Suspected in Double Murder

Wrote long manifesto threatening his enemies
2/08/13 7:48:55 am
Of course the right wingers are going to blame his rampage on the "liberals'...don't you all know that Liberals burned the Library at Alexandrea,they destroyed the Colossus of Thebes,brought about the Black Plague etc.etc....Oh and Krakatoa..They caused that to erupt ...