Video: Marco Rubio’s Drinking Problem

2/13/13 12:25:53 pm
re: #251 Political Atheist During the Miami riots, the Miami PD started a lot of the fires which burned out businesses in the riot area, by throwing tear gas grenades into the buildings. How do I know this? Because I ...

It’s the dreaded Obama State of the Union Curse. Any politician who gives the GOP response is suddenly tongue-tied and dry-mouthed, and their career dies.

Live Video: The 2013 State of the Union

Will Obama go big on climate change tonight?
2/13/13 6:01:24 am
I don't watch the State of the Union address anymore. Haven't for years. Why? Because no matter what the president says (on either side), Congress is going to follow its own agenda and the good ideas, if any, that the ...

Dumbest Man on Internet Jeers Washington Post Blogger for Correcting Error

Still waiting for Jim Hoft to correct a single mistake, ever
2/12/13 6:33:13 pm
re: #75 RadicalModerate Isn't the "freedom party" what the Nazi analogs called themselves in Harry Turtledove's universe where the south won the civil war?

Wingnut Blogs Raving About Non-Existent ‘Obamaphones’ Again

Deliberate dishonesty
177Local Media Monitor
2/12/13 12:29:47 pm
Former San Diego mayor and current right wing hate-talk idiot Roger Hedgecock likes mentioning "Obamaphones" every chance he gets. For a review of Hedgecock and the campaign against him, see