Rand Paul on Glenn Beck Show: “Something Really Depraved Is Rising in the Country”

Fear-mongering taken to the next level
2/16/13 11:18:07 am
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“I think that our country needs a spiritual cleansing. I really think we need a revival in this country — and I do need your prayers and I do need the strength to go on with this, because this isn’t always easy. […] I think our country’s problems are …

The Daily Show’s John Oliver Interviews the Head of the OIC

Repairing America’s relationship with the Muslim world
218Aye Pod
2/16/13 5:26:48 am
re: #113 jamesfirecat Sure if only my thoughts weren't so easily provoked, I could have had as shit a time watching that movie as you clearly did. How I envy you/ I just love arguments of the "you were wrong ...