Donald Trump’s Campaign Fires Staffer Over Racist Facebook Posts

Why bother?

We may need a category named “Why Bother?” for this one, because the guy who’s currently in first place in the GOP presidential field because the right wing base loves his outright xenophobia and racism has just fired a staffer for… outright xenophobia and racism.

Sam Nunberg allegedly wrote racially charged and disparaging political posts dating back to 2007, including one calling civil rights leader Rev. Al Sharpton’s daughter a “N—!” and another calling President Barack Obama a “Socialist Marxist Islamo Fascist Nazi Appeaser,” Business Insider reported Friday. Nunberg is denying he wrote the posts.

Nunberg’s attempt to deny he wrote the posts is noteworthy for its sheer incoherence:

“I am not adept at social media,” he told CNN on Friday. “I have a long record of working with diverse people. And anything you are reporting on does not reflect anything on Mr. Trump or Mr. Trump’s campaign. I would also point out that all of these things were done before Mr. Trump’s campaign, if I even did them — which I deny. In any event, this is the problem with politics … Politics as usual is wrong.”


Podcast o’ the Day: The Latest Edition of the Bubble Genius Bob and Chez Show, 7/30/15

“You result into your nasty mouth”

MP3 Audio

Bob and Chez’s latest podcast is a hoot as always.

Sarah Palin Gets Totally Confused with Bill O’Reilly; The Insufferable Jesse Watters Punches More Hobos; It’s Possible to Care About Cecil the Lion and Other Issues at the Same Time; Bob’s Latest Twitter Battle with Dan Bidondi; The Bionic Dan Bidondi Bionic Italian Airlines; and much more.

Massachusetts Attorney General Exonerates Planned Parenthood of Bogus “Baby Parts” Smear Campaign

The fanatics’ lies are falling apart
Politics • Views: 11,966

A couple of days ago Indiana’s Department of Health exonerated Planned Parenthood of the spurious right wing charge that they profit from the sale of “baby parts.” (To use the deliberately grotesque phrase being endlessly repeated by anti-choice fanatics.)

And Planned Parenthood has also been exonerated of these false charges in Massachusetts; Attorney General Maura Healey announced this week that Planned Parenthood is “fully compliant” with all applicable laws.

“Over the past week, my office has conducted a thorough review and found that Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts’ health care centers are fully compliant with state and federal laws regarding the disposition of fetal tissue,” Healey said in a statement. “Although donation of fetal tissue is permissible under state and federal law, PPLM does not have a tissue donation program. There is no evidence that PPLM is involved in any way in the buying or selling of tissue. As such, our review is complete.”

Healey also voiced strong support for the organization. “I will fight to support Planned Parenthood and preserve the essential health services that they provide to so many women,” she said, in her statement. “I urge everyone who cares about these issues to do the same.”

Friday Night Jam: The Weepies as Action Heroes: “No Trouble”

Sometimes trouble needs me
Music • Views: 12,901


One of the coolest music videos I’ve watched in a long time, and the song is awesome too. That is all.

From The Weepies’ album ‘Sirens’ available now at:

Visit The Weepies Online:

Anti-Choice Fanatics Used Fake California IDs to Film Planned Parenthood - Now We Have Proof

Fighting back against the smear merchants
Politics • Views: 19,821

Today the National Abortion Foundation filed suit against the anti-choice fanatics behind the Orwellian “Center for Medical Progress,” seeking a temporary restraining order and injunction to prevent them from releasing any video of NAF meetings.

The lawsuit names CMP as a defendant as well as BioMax Procurement Services, the fake company created in order to deceive people working for Planned Parenthood and other organizations. CMP’s leader, David Daleiden, is also named in the lawsuit, as well as founding member Troy Newman, who is the president of the radical anti-choice organization Operation Rescue.

When questioned about his involvement with CMP, Newman told RH Reality Check that he was proud of the work Daleiden has done at CMP.

“Over the past three years I have offered advice and counsel to someone who has become a very good friend,” Newman said via email. “But this is just the beginning, we have moles and spies deep inside the abortion cartel. And at a time of our choosing, we will release more damning evidence of the abortion cartel’s illegal, ghastly, and repugnant butchery.”

In other news, the Huffington Post published images of the fake California driver’s licenses used by these activists, seen above (click to enlarge).

Using a fake driver’s license in this way is definitely illegal in California, and may be either a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the circumstances.

The anti-abortion activists who gained access to highly sensitive areas of Planned Parenthood clinics and other related organizations over the past three years are facing at least two lawsuits after they allegedly used fake identification cards and created a fake company in order to film their targets without consent.

Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation claim that David Daleiden, the founder of Center for Medical Progress, used a fake ID displaying the name “Robert Daoud Sarkis” to circumvent their security precautions and gain access to the groups’ annual meetings and facilities.

The CMP has released four videos so far — and claims to have many more on the way — that show Planned Parenthood doctors discussing reimbursement costs for the donation of fetal parts for medical research. In the first video, a woman, who is yet to be identified, can be heard speaking to Planned Parenthood doctor Deborah Nucatola. That woman apparently used a fake ID with the name “Susan Sarah Tennenbaum.”

UPDATE at 7/31/15 5:29:08 pm by Charles Johnson

Good news: the NAF got their restraining order and injunction against the Center for Medical Progress.

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White House Confirms: Will Veto Any Budget Bill That Defunds Planned Parenthood

Politics • Views: 17,877

Republicans are making noises that they’re going to shut down the government again, this time over defunding Planned Parenthood (something they’ve been trying to do for many years). But today White House press secretary Josh Earnest made it very clear that the President will veto any budget bill containing a rider that defunds the women’s health organization.

“What we have indicated in the past continues to be true today, that we have routinely opposed the inclusion of ideologically-driven riders in the budget process,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters Friday. “And certainly a rider that would on a wholesale basis defund Planned Parenthood, which is the proposal of some Republicans in the House, is certainly something that would draw a presidential veto.”

Last time Republicans shut down the government for one of their right wing crusades, it was a complete political disaster for them. Will they be crazy enough to do it again, over something like this — based on a bunch of deceptively edited “sting” videos produced by religious fanatics that show no genuine wrongdoing?

Stay tuned for the next thrilling chapter in “GOP Politics for Idiots.”

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GOHMERT! In Which Louie Is “Astounded” Americans Aren’t “Demanding Impeachment” of Obama

What’s wrong with you people?
Wingnuts • Views: 17,692


The Gohmert hosted the Family Research Council’s “Washington Watch” program last night, and got a call from someone who was very concerned President Obama would go ahead with the Iran deal even if Congress rejected it. This crazed caller wanted to know if the Gohmert would lead a charge to impeach Obama in that case. But alas, Louie sounded rather depressed about the prospects of an impeachment, because the American people are letting him down and not demanding it.

“I’ve been astounded that more of the country has not been demanding impeachment already,” he added, “but it hasn’t, and until over half the country wants to see it, there’s no use bringing it up, nothing will happen, it will gum up all the works, we won’t be able to even talk about how devastating this Iran deal is for mankind.”

Planned Parenthood Website Hacked, Conservative Sites Call It a “PR Stunt”

Employee databases posted online by hackers
US News • Views: 23,744
Photo via ctrouper/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Right wing rhetoric is getting more and more insane as people realize the Center for Medical Progress is a gang of dishonest religious fanatics, and their “sting” videos are blatantly deceptive attempts to make perfectly legal activities seem nefarious and sinister. You can always tell the right wing narrative is falling apart when they start concocting conspiracy theories about their targets.

For example, this ludicrous article at The Federalist by wingnut hack Sean Davis: Planned Parenthood “Hacking” Sure Looks Like a PR Stunt.

I’m not even going to dignify this laughable conspiracy theory with a quote, because of course it isn’t true. (Right wing “journalists” cook up these absurd stories because they know their audience simply won’t care whether it’s true or not.)

As a matter of fact, the hackers gave a statement to the Daily Dot, and released databases they stole from the Planned Parenthood website containing names and email addresses of employees: Anti-Abortion Hackers Attack Planned Parenthood, Release Databases, Employee Data.

One of the hackers, who goes by the pseudonym “E,” told the Daily Dot that the cyberattack was politically motivated.

“Trying to mold an atrocious monstrosity into socially acceptable behaviors is repulsive,” said E. “Obviously what [Planned Parenthood] does is a very ominous practice. It’ll be interesting to see what surfaces when [Planned Parenthood] is stripped naked and exposed to the public.”

The FBI and Justice Department are now investigating the Planned Parenthood website breach. But don’t tell Sean Davis of The Federalist; he’ll just say they’re all in on the “PR stunt” together.

California Court Bars Anti-Choice Group From Releasing New Videos

Time to fight back against the smears
US News • Views: 25,411

AP reports today that the Los Angeles Superior Court has issued a restraining order preventing the anti-choice group calling itself the “Center for Medical Progress” from releasing any videos targeting Stem Express, a California company that provides human and fetal tissue to medical researchers.

Apparently the Center for Medical Progress was planning to attack this company with a video showing three Stem Express officials taken under false pretenses at a restaurant in May. The temporary restraining order applies until a hearing scheduled for August 19.

CMP’s head fanatic, David Daleiden, issued a statement calling this TRO “meritless litigation” intended to conceal “illegal baby parts trade,” and said, “The Center for Medical Progress follows all applicable laws in the course of our investigative journalism work.”

Which may not be entirely true. For starters, California has laws against recording video without explicit permission from subjects, which the CMP clearly did not have in these cases. And they may also have broken laws against identity theft and falsifying identification.

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 Frank says:

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